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Student Ministries

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Our goal at GGFC youth is to provide a dynamic, fun, informative way for teenagers to connect with God. We combine teaching, music, games, activities, and small group discussions to jumpstart conversation and thought as we minister to the teens of our community. 

Our vision for Student Ministries here at GGFC is that students would encounter God in real and powerful ways that leave them changed forever. Our desire is that God would grow roots in their lives and establish a foundation of faith in them that they can build the rest of their lives upon. We believe that this is accomplished by exposing students to the word of God and creating an atmosphere where God can work in their lives.

Wednesday Nights 6:30-8:30

Upstairs Rooms of the Two Story Building

Contact Rob Andrews at 760-807-5404 or rob.andrews@ggfc.org

Summer camp 2017 - hume lake

This year, the GGFC youth went up to Hume Lake Christian Camp, located deep within the heart of the Sequoia National Forest.  The camp theme this year was centered around the life of King Saul, one whose perspective we don't often take into account when reading through Scripture.

Israel was at a pivotal point in their history.  Up until Saul, Israel's only King had been Yahweh, the God of their ancestors - the one, true, living God.  But Israel wanted to be like all of the other surrounding nations - they wanted a flesh and blood king.  So against the advisement of the prophet Samuel, Israel appointed Saul to be their king.

Perhaps like most of us, Saul started off strong, but gradually, over the course of his years, slowly began to forget the Lord.  He began to do things on his own strength, and gradually became more and more disobedient to what the Lord had told him to do.  

His heart gradually became hardened to the will of God in his life, and what was the result?  Tragedy.

Saul became more and more miserable, until eventually, his reign as king ended, just as the prophet Samuel had predicted.

Enter King David.  One whose heart was faithful before the Lord.  One who did not care much for the approval of man, but only sought to do what was right in the eyes of the Lord.  Was he perfect?  Definitely not!  But he feared the Lord and was obedient to his voice. The result?  Triumph.

Winter camp 2017 - Lake arrowhead

“I have 1,500 friends, yet I feel lonely.  I speak to many of them each day, but I don’t feel like any of them really know me…”


This year for Winter Camp, we did something a little bit different… 


Too often, even as adults, we all too easily get sucked into the distractions of today’s modern world.  Facebook posts, Instagram pics, Snapchat streaks – the feeds are endless.  A world of self-interest, self-image, and self-promotion.  We share our best, but forget to include the most important part of who we are: 




For a few days, at a little cabin up in Crestline, CA, we asked students to hand over their cell phones (which, by the way, was a wildly unpopular decision).  At first, it was almost frightening to see how foreign building an interpersonal relationship really was, but as we pushed past the awkward exchanges and painful silences, something truly remarkable and inspiring began to take place…


“It was awesome connecting with friends…I feel like we grew a lot closer because we weren’t all on our phones…”


“I felt like I was able to connect with God for the first time in a long time…like He actually heard me…”