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Read Scripture

One of the greatest ways we are transformed into the image of Christ is by being shaped by His word, the Bible.  As part of our vision to be a church built on Christ-centered biblical teaching, we spend time reading Scripture together.  This is a way for you to spend time with the Bible on your own, while also being able to connect and share your thoughts with others in the church.  

Explore our current Bible reading plan below and join today.  You can join in at any point!

current plan: MAJOR PROPHETS

Start Date: September 3                        

Length: 60 Days

Many Christians never take the time to delve into the Old Testament for fear of its difficult genres and interpretation.  But, together, we'll explore the writings of the Major Prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel) to learn not only what their original message to Israel was, but also what we can learn as God's people today.  



Start Date: November 5

Length: 60 Days

Generations of Christians have sought the guidance and practical maxims of Scripture as expressed in biblical wisdom literature (Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes).  Together, we'll explore the limitless depths of these sacred books to unpack how, when lived out, they can change our lives.